An Important Word from Our Church Leadership


My Dear Church Family,

This is a letter that I knew one day I would need to write yet I never dreamed the difficulty I would have in doing so.

The Rennick family and Church at the Crossing have shared a partnership in ministry which goes back 22 years. In 1995 we were new missionaries in East Africa and CATC was one of our first partners. You gave scholarships, support, and sent multiple work camps to us at Kima International School of Theology. We loved getting to know you, hosting you in our home there, and then speaking here at CATC on multiple occasions across those 7 missionary years.

God surprised us when He led you to me to follow Pastor David Cox as your new Senior Pastor beginning April 1, 2003. Together we have seen God do miracles, plant new churches, transform a strip club into a community center, dramatically and systematically grow our giving to missions-beyond-us, and become a model for an outwardly-focused, go. love. church. In all of this, and so much more, we rejoice and give God all of the glory!

You have been a warm, loving church family which has partnered with Diane and me in raising our three children. We can never thank you enough for your many investments in our family. This is our home church and we love this church family!

I promised in coming here that I would put my hand to the plow (Luke 9:62) and not look up for 13 years. I did that from April 2003 to April 2016. In the past ten months, I have been in a season of intense assessment which has included wise counsel from trusted leaders, professional coaching and counseling, external assessments, multiple conversations with my family, and soul-searching seasons of prayer. Through these intentional efforts we have discerned that the time has come for CATC to have fresh leadership and for me to be open to what God would have next.

That day has now come, which means that my final Sunday as your Senior Pastor will be February 26, 2017. On March 1, 2017 I will begin in a new ministry assignment as the State Pastor for the Church of God in Colorado. These new responsibilities will require me to give my full-time efforts toward Church Planting, Church Multiplication, and Missions. This is a mission-match between their greatest needs and my deepest passions.

CATC is well positioned for transition. You have a prayerful, careful, and wise Board of Elders. You have a deeply committed and spiritually-gifted staff. And you, CATC, are a gracious and generous church family for whom God has only the best in store.

I believe that the brightest days of CATC lay in the future not the past. What God started doing in
1905 is not yet complete. I am already praying for your next senior pastor as I continue praying for all of you. I love CATC and I love you.

Weeping while rejoicing,
Pastor Steve Rennick


Dear CATC family,

This Monday morning at breakfast I sat across the table from Pastor Steve and was handed his resignation letter. As we discussed the various aspects of Steve’s new ministry assignment as State Pastor for the Church of God in Colorado, I could sense his strong calling for this new challenge of expanding the Kingdom. His experience in church plants and his heart for missions make him a perfect fit for this position.

As we talked about his past and future ministries, I could only admire his faith in obedience to God’s call. His willingness to go from Youth Ministry in Fairfax, VA to President of KIST in Kenya, to Senior Pastor of CATC in Indiana and now to Colorado, each time following God’s lead while taking on different roles and responsibilities, shows his deep commitment to answering God’s call. Steve is not afraid to accept a new role displaying a complete trust and confidence in God.

I truly respect Diane and Steve for the way they modeled family life while dealing with the challenges of living in Africa, then assimilating back to the United States. This was not an easy task for a family with three young children. It has been our privilege to participate with Diane and Steve as they raised their family here at CATC for the last 14 years. I personally had the pleasure of teaching Jenny, Levi, and Lindsay and watching them grow in their faith as 5th and 6th graders in Sunday School classes.

We will benefit from Pastor Steve’s leadership well after he is gone. He has challenged us to steadily increase our focus on missions. As a result, Nora Elementary will continue to benefit from our partnership with them, Lincoln Center will continue to touch the people in their community, and our church plants, Catalyst and Crosspoint, will continue to minister to their congregations. And we will continue to support ministries around the world, in faraway places such as Africa, Bangladesh, Holland, Germany, and India.

Pastor Steve is finishing well. He has overseen our path to a good financial position. He has built a strong organization of dedicated pastors and staff who will continue to provide leadership to our many ministries. Joining the staff is Dr. David Sebastian who has agreed to be our Interim Senior Pastor as we begin the search for our next Senior Pastor. Dr. Sebastian spent three years on our staff as Associate Pastor many years ago. He also served as our Interim Pastor 14 years ago as we conducted the search that brought Pastor Steve to us. We are fortunate to have him back in this role. God has been good to us and I am confident that He will continue to bless us as we look to share the love of God with our community and the world.

Let us celebrate with the Rennicks the riches of God we have enjoyed at CATC and send Pastor Steve off to Colorado with our blessing and prayers.

Don Courtney
Chairman of the Board of Elders


Pastor Steve Rennick, the CATC Staff, and the Board of Elders


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