Matching Scholarship Students

There is a student application for the matching scholarship fund. Each year the student must renew his/her application. The requirements for a student to receive matching scholarships from the church are:

1.  You must be a full-time undergraduate student and maintain a C average
(2.0 on a 4.0 scale);

2.  You must currently be involved in Church at the Crossing on a regular basis
(this will be acknowledged by a staff person);

3.  You should continue to be involved in a local church while on campus;

4.  When you are home, you should attend Church at the Crossing regularly; and

5.  The award is for a maximum of four years and you must apply each year.


New Student Application 

Returning Student Application


For further information, call Abbie Craig at 317.844.9355 ext. 31 or  

Depending on the university, there may be additional forms to complete. 


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