Serving in the Youth Center

As a part of The Life, we encourage everyone to "Engage in our community and our world."  We take the call to serve very seriously at Youth at the Crossing.

Here you will find a few different opportunities that we have within the Youth Ministry. Click the different links below to learn more!

For opportunities to serve in other areas of the church,
check out the Serve Catalogue.


Youth Worship Team

Would you like to help lead worship during XP with your vocal or instrumental gifts?


Servanthood Project

Sr. High Leadership Team designed to help students grow in their leadership by understanding and developing their giftedness and serving their peers in ministry. Application required. Click here for more details!

Youth Ambassadors

Be a part of the team that welcomes new youth into our Youth Ministry and church! Click here for more details.


Youth Prayer Team

A student led team of youth who gather for prayer and intercession on behalf of their peers for one hour each month. 


  1. Submit a recommendation from a small group leader/church leader
  2. Submit a recommendation from a parent or other trusted adult
  3. Be willing and able to show up to each meeting
  4. Be willing to help provide snacks beforehand
  5. Have a heart for God and a desire to learn to pray regularly

If you are interested in being a part of the monthly Youth Prayer Team, click here to sign up! 


Youth Engage Team

Be a part of the team that serves in Kids! Ministry. Click here to sign up!


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