Youth Ambassadors

Each week, we have visitors who walk through our doors for the first time. As you can imagine (and maybe even remember) it can be quite intimidating. They often don’t know anyone and have no idea what to expect. We are hoping to ease that transition.

When it comes to a first time visitor, our 2 main goals are for them to connect with God and connect with others. Neither of those happens if they feel lonely, uncomfortable and are just waiting for things to end so they can leave.

So, we’re looking for enthusiastic youth who willing to put others before themselves during XP on Sundays at 11. Youth who are ready to be tapped on the shoulder at any point to be introduced to a first time visitor and eager to do whatever it takes to help them meet some new people, feel comfortable and welcomed into our community.

There will be training in order to equip you to do this well. So, if you sign up, you are merely saying that you are ready and willing to serve in this way. Below is a short example of what a Sunday at XP might look like for a Youth Ambassador.

Youth Ambassadors: what happens when there’s a visitor?

  • Someone will find you and let you know there’s a visitor and will introduce you.
  • After you’ve introduced yourself, give them a quick run down of what is going on:
    • “Well, right now we’re just hanging out until we get started around 11. Let me introduce you to my small group!”
    • Later on, say something along the lines of, “in a few minutes, we’ll sit down for a time of worship, teaching and then split up into small groups.”
  • It’s very important that you stay with them this entire time. Don’t leave them alone…but don’t crowd them either. 
  • During the hang out time, take them around and introduce them to some other people in your small group.
  • Ask them about what school they go to, if anyone looks familiar, what they like to do, what music you listen to, etc.
  • Later during the week, you’ll receive their info and we ask that you either txt or facebook them a message that simply says (in your own words)…”Hey…great meeting you on Sunday! Hope to see you again this week!.”

If you’re up to the challenge, contact Abbie Craig and let her know you want to be a Youth Ambassador!



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