Baptism is an important step in publically expressing your faith and commitment to Jesus Christ. Through baptism, we express corporately and physically what is already true for us individually and spiritually: we have been resurrected with Jesus! We are new creations!

Baptism at Church at the Crossing is a beautiful celebration of this truth. The first step is to express your interest in being baptized. Then, a week before each baptism date, an interest class will be offered on Sunday morning. If the baptism candidate is part of our Kids! or Youth program, guardians are welcome to attend this class with their child. At the class, we will have a chance to learn more about baptism, ask any questions, learn more about what will practically happen during the service the next week, and write our short testimonies to be read during that service. Attendance at the Baptism Lunch is required for all those wishing to be part of the Baptism Service.

If you or your child is interested in beginning this exciting process, complete this form >>

If you have any questions, contact Spiritual Formation Director Kylee Larson at

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