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Update #2 from the Lebanon Team

In the Middle East, community is valued more highly than almost anything else. Even in Lebanese refugee camps, displaced Syrians live together as one, sharing resources and relying on each other for comfort and support. The CATC group traveling through Lebanon has been a grateful recipient of...

Update from the Lebanon Team

Over the last four days, a group of 19 from CATC has witnessed this scripture in action in Pastor Nabil's home country of Lebanon. The group, led by Nabil, is spending nine days learning about and serving with Heart for Lebanon, an organization dedicated to helping displaced refugees.

21 Days of Prayer

Starting on August 1, we are going to take 21 days to intentionally spend time in prayer together for our church and staff!

Annual Business Meeting Information

Our Annual Business Meeting will be held at the end of each service on Sunday, June 24, 2018. At that time, we will have the opportunity to elect godly men and women to help guide the future of CATC on the Board of Elders, and to vote on the budget that will fuel the ministry of our church...

Special News from Pastor Erin

Last week, Pastor Erin Taylor shared some news about what's next for her and the Taylor family...