FAQ's About the Youth Center Update

Youth Center Video from Church at the Crossing on Vimeo.


What will this space be used for?

The purpose of this space is to create an environment for our youth and young adults to develop relationships by meeting and engaging with new people for the purpose of sharing the gospel. Our Youth Ministry is thriving so we want to empower them with a state-of-the-art space that can be used beyond the weekend.

Is it a coffee shop?

No. The updates to this space will include a remodel of the kitchen area, which will include an espresso machine to serve coffee.

Is it still a youth center?

Yes! Our Youth Ministry is the anchor for this center and will continue to have the first priority for using it. Abbie Craig, our Youth Ministry Director, has been working as a point-person for this project, making sure that each and every update correlates with the mission of Youth Ministry at CATC.

Who will this be for?  

First and foremost this space will be for our Youth Ministry. Also, our other church ministries such as MOPS, Passport to Employment, and Life Groups will be able to benefit from this space. Other ministry possibilities could be identified in the future and developed if they were aligned with CATC's mission.

When is the renovation project estimated to finish?

The indoor portion of the project is expected to be done by April 16, 2017 ( Easter Sunday), and the work on the outdoor area is expected to be finished by June 11, 2017.

What is the space going to be called?

The students of CATC have asked if they can come up with a new name for the center that reflects their ministry and invites other ministry opportunities to use this space. The new name is not yet finalized, but the possibilities are exciting!

What kind of updates are happening?  

In an effort to create a state-of-the-art space, we are doing the following updates:

    • Replacing the current flooring with a finished concrete floor
    • New color scheme
    • Updated lighting
    • New furniture and seating arrangements in the side rooms and open area
    • Much-needed audio and technology upgrades
    • Outside seating
    • New signage
    • An espresso machine and other such equipment

Do you have other questions that come to mind?

We want to equip you with as much information as possible to get excited about what God has in store for this place. If you have more question please contact Pastor Nabil Safi at