Our local partner in The Time is Now is dathouse. Dathouse is an inner city ministry in an impoverished community on the southside of downtown Indianapolis. It was started in 2006 by Brandon Mott and Derek Abner, who  felt a call to make a change in a community and dedicate their lives to that transformation. They had a vision for what could happen if Christians truly cared for their neighbors in some of the most challenging places in our city. So together with their families, they bought houses and begin caring for the Bates/Hendricks neighborhood on the near southeast side. 

The name dathouse includes an acronym for 3 Greek words:

Doulos (servant)
Agape (love)
Tapeinoo (humility) 

Dathouse exists for the purpose of being good neighbors, impacting young people, and Christian community development, all in the name of Jesus:

  • To be good neighbors.  Our first and foremost purpose in this neighborhood is to love our neighbor as ourselves. To live daily the lifestyle that Christ called us to, and let it infect our daily habits. Just as God, “became flesh and made His dwelling among us”, we seek to incarnationally minister to and with our community. One way that we are intentional in this is that we all work part time jobs and live simply so that we can have more time to be active in our neighborhood.
  • To meet, love, and impact young people in the name of Jesus.  We are constantly meeting and spending time with kids in our neighborhood. Also, we have gather weekly to intentionally and relationally pour into them.
  • To encourage and initiate Christian Community Development.  We are active in contributing to our neighborhood’s well being. In this, we use tools such as affordable housing, laundry mat parties, dinners, trash pick up, and simply walking the neighborhood, to connect neighbor to neighbor and promote community values such as giving, sharing, love and healthy relationships.

You can learn more about dathouse by visiting their website.


Partnering with Church at the Crossing

Church at the Crossing has been connected with ministries all over the city, and when we found out what Brandon and Derek were doing, we wanted to hear more about what they saw as a vision for the future.

During that meeting, they shared with Pastor Steve about the opportunity they saw to truly impact their community through a community center. They mentioned that there was a strip club down the street which they were hoping would go out of business after local community members had remonstrated for being just a few blocks from an elementary school. At that time, it was a far-off hope that they could someday purchase a building like that and repurpose it for their community.

But God had bigger plans in mind. In late December 2011, plans started coming together. The strip club, called Sassy Kats, was put out of business and Brandon and Derek had an opportunity to purchase the facility. In January, a small team of elders, former elders, staff, and lay people visited the facility with dathouse community members. The team listened to the vision and hearts of the community and spent time laying hands on them and praying for them. After this powerful experience,  the team decided that CATC had an incredible opportunity to partner in true community transformation with dathouse. A few weeks later, dathouse was the owner of the building and began to make renovations!

Brandon and Derek knew that renovations could take awhile, so they started workdays on weekends to get interest. They had their first workday at the end of January 2012 with nearly 40 people coming throughout the day to help. 

After many workdays and countless helping hands, dathouse officially opened the new community center called The Lincoln Center on Saturday, September 6, 2014! 

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