Village Project Africa


Church at the Crossing learned about the work of Village Project through our very own Margaret Lewis. Margaret started Village Project as a way to care for some of the most vulnerable people living in Makutano, Kenya.  

“The concept for Village Project Africa is not one that was born overnight, nor was its goals hastily compiled and implemented. Village Project Africa came to be because of the love two people had for the people of Makutano, Kenya. Davis Otieno and Margaret Lewis never started their work knowing that what was a small gesture of goodwill towards Davis’ hometown would grow to be more than that. Davis and Margaret spent years working with the people of Makutano to learn what the needs of the community were and how those needs could be met.” 

Village Project Africa seeks to foster methods that can break the chains of poverty that hold down many of the vulnerable people of this village and others like it throughout Africa. Some of the most vulnerable are women and children, and as such, they have become the heart of the work. Village Project Africa seeks to provide long-lasting avenues of self-sustainability that will allow vulnerable women and children to step into a brighter future of their own design. Their goal is not to simply provide for these women and children—they want to equip them with the knowledge and skills they need to provide for themselves and revolutionize their lives and their communities. 

The goals of Village Project are lived out in many different ways.  They have opened a school, Heritage Academy, that caters to the needs of the children and offers them an opportunity to learn in a positive environment where any one is accepted, regardless of their financial state. Village Project Africa has also opened a community center, The Grace House, where women can come for support from each other as well as trade classes such as bead-making and sewing. The Grace House is also equipped with medical capabilities to serve the entire community, offering treatment that does not require injured and ill people to travel miles to receive. 

As the project continues to expand and grow, their hope is that the change that has and continues to occur in Makutano, Kenya will begin to spread through the efforts of the community itself to other communities like it. 

Church at the Crossing has had an incredible opportunity to connect with Village Project in some unique ways through things such as dress making, working with their clinic, building classrooms for the school, and helping kids with school supplies through Project 5&2. We are excited to see how this partnership will continue to grow through the Time Is Now campaign.


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