Dessert Theater


Delicious (and free) desserts followed by hilarious performances from hundreds of teenagers? Welcome to the world of Dessert Theater!

Dessert Theater is an annual fundraiser performance that involves the entire youth group, plus tons of adult volunteers and directors. Each year, it is the only fundraiser the Youth do to offset the cost of summer workcamp trips, which are amazing opportunities for them to discover God's love and purpose for their lives through serving others. 

Not only is Dessert Theater a fundraiser, but also a great way to build community. The Youth put a ton of time into preparing for the show, which starts with rehearsals in February of each year. The entire group is separated into casts, and each cast prepares a skit that goes along with the show's theme. Performances happen in mid-March.

Wondering about those delicious free desserts? Before each show, desserts are served to the guests in the Youth Center and the Gym, then everyone makes their way to the Sanctuary for a laughter-filled evening!

March 16-17, 2018

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