The Time is Now


Being a go. love. Church

God has uniquely created and called Church at the Crossing to GO into our city, station, nation, and world to LOVE people into the Kingdom of God. Living out this dramatic, Kingdom-growing vision is an opportunity God has given us in our 110+ year history as a church and continues to give us today. We are asking God to use us to reach, connect with, and impact the lives of children, youth, singles, and families – people of every age and stage of life. This is certainly true in our global partnerships, multiple mission trips, and local community ministries. This is also true here, on and through, the campus God has given us. 

We are located in a very visible location at the junction of Hamilton and Marion counties. The city is at our doorstep. We are asking God to use us to reach the people He loves in the Greater Indianapolis Area.

Our ReNewed Vision

We want to take our next steps forward in the ministry of life-impact to which God is undeniably calling us. When our church family took the leap of faith to move to the Haverstick Campus in 1983 we believed God was leading us into the lives of many new people. And He did! People were baptized, children were taught, youth were led, marriages were formed, and eternities were impacted. We saw this.  We experience this. We live this today.

As CATC grew, so did the campus. The buildings facilitated growth and the growth demanded new facilities. Times changed and so did we. What remained the same was the desire for God to use us to reach more people. 

In 1999, a master site plan was created calling for a family life center – a center of outreach and impact in the lives of 100’s of new people. In the years that followed, CATC became committed to becoming debt-free and construction was delayed in order to accomplish that. This plan was reaffirmed in 2005 with the design for a new multi-purpose facility. When INDOT changed those plans by purchasing a portion of the property, our calling did not change. We waited and asked God to reveal His new plan in His time. Today, CATC is debt-free and ready for our next steps.

Community Connections

With the completion of the Time Is Now campaign in December of 2014, 105% of our pledges have been generously given ($1,250,000+). Now more than ever we want to meaningfully connect with, serve, and engage our neighboring communities. 

Over the past three years, we have been involved in a Community Asset Mapping project: researching the demographics and needs in our neighborhood through statistical information and meetings with leading organizations. We listened and learned.  Community organizations and leaders have shared what current needs are, what is being done to meet those needs, and what could be done. The results are transforming to our knowledge and thinking.

We discovered that our neighbors are aware of our multiple efforts to connect, host, and partner with them. Of particular interest and appreciation are:

  • The Early Childhood Center
  • Passport to Employment
  • Alcoholics Anonymous
  • Women’s Bible Study Fellowship
  • Boy Scout Troop #191
  • Divorce Care
  • Mothers of Preschoolers (MOPS)
  • Nora Tutors

What they are asking of us is becoming more and more clear:

  1. Host these and similar groups which help the people of our community;
  2. Connect with various groups who are helping people with better awareness and communication so that partnerships are enhanced and redundancy is reduced; and
  3. Lean into our relationship at Nora Elementary School.

Thus, the action steps we have completed are:

  1. Expand the number of connections with our community and enhance our facilities to connect, host, and partner with our neighbors and neighborhood;
  2. Create and host a Facebook page to catalog all of the efforts of partnering organizations in our community; and
  3. Become the primary partner for tutors and practical help at Nora Elementary School.

Future Campus Development Team

As another step forward, our Elders have now formed a Future Campus Development Team to explore the opportunities we have to connect, host, and partner with our neighbors. The six team members (2 Elders, 2 Staff, and 2 Congregation Members) are praying together, meeting together, interviewing people from CATC and from our local partners, and seeking to match these ministry opportunities with our financial capacities. Your prayers and partnership are needed and necessary. We are asking God to transform Church at the Crossing into a community of life-change. Together, we go. love.!

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