Year-End Offering 2018

Everyone needs two important things: 
a people and a place.

Church at the Crossing is committed to being a community that welcomes people, and a place that lets them know they belong. When they walk through our doors, we hope that every kid, youth, and adult feels that they are known and loved by God and by this church family.

We see this even in the smallest ways: the handshakes as people walk in to service, the willingness to leave a conversation with a friend to go greet a new face, the high-fives with kids as they make their way down the hall. Every interaction is an opportunity to say, “You are safe, and you belong.”

But what if we could go beyond human interaction to make sure people know they can belong here? What if every physical space was a reflection of how we welcome people — those who are here now and those who are yet to come? What if details of a space could communicate a sense of safety and belonging?

This is the present opportunity we have by updating and enhancing the CATC Gym, a high-demand space on our campus that is brimming with activity almost every day of the week — from kids in the Early Childhood Center on weekdays, to kids, youth, and volunteers on Sunday mornings. By offering our resources, we can lay the groundwork for a space that lets not only these families know they are loved and cared for, but also the families we have yet to meet. Enhancing this space through updated colors, reimagined storage, and upgraded technology is just one way we can reinforce the idea that all are welcome and all can belong.

We know that everyone needs a people and a place.
Let’s be those people.
Let’s create a space for one more to belong.


This idea of needing a people and a place is true all over the world, and through this year’s Year-End Offering Missions Partner, we have the opportunity to help create a place for a community in Rwanda.

Because of government regulations for church buildings in Rwanda, over 8,000 churches across the country have been closed. Without approved buildings, these the government does not allow these congregations to meet together as churches.

Through a long time partnership with Global Strategy and our emerging relationship with the Church of God in Rwanda, 20% of our Year-End Offering will go toward helping build a church building that meets the government regulations. Your contributions will give the Church of God in Rwanda a place to gather, so that they may continue to worship together and share the love of God with those in their community.


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IN PERSON: Use the giving envelopes located in the backs of the seats on Sunday during worship services. Write “YEO 2018” on the envelope.

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