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An Evening in December

December 11-13

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Invite your friends, family, and neighbors to come hear, see, taste, and discover a Christmas experience like none other! (Downloadable invitations available!)

Upcoming Events

  • Nov 23

    New to Church at the Crossing? Want to understand this church that invites you to go. love.? This class is a great first step for you...

  • Dec 11

    For more than 20 years Church at the Crossing has celebrated Christmas by presenting a Christmas gift to the community through music, drama dance and festivities.

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Gretchen Holcomb • October 30
I love fall! I love the colors, the food, the smells, and the festivities. I love it ALL! When I really take time to think about my adoration for this season, what it truly boils down to is the joy of being in community with others during this ...

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